Beautifully crafted blends of coffee. Not mass-produced but roasted to order so that by the time they're delivered the flavours are ready to be unleashed!

Our coffees are prepared for both bean to cup and traditional machinery as well as brewing methods such as V60, Aeropress and high volume pour-over.

 Did you know...

That our coffee bags are 100% recyclable



Bean: Arabica

Origin: Brazil and Honduras

Tasting Notes: Deep aroma with a smooth almond finish

Available in both: 250g and 500g


Bean: Arabica

Origin: Peru and Honduras

Tasting Notes: Punchy with earthy tones

Available in both: 250g and 500g

Rye Lane

Bean: Arabica

Origin: Single Origin Colombian - Inza de Cauca

Tasting Notes: Smooth chocolate with dark fruit

Available in both: 250g and 500g

Bean: Arabica

Origin: Single Origin Papua New Ginuea

Tasting Notes: Medium - full body, dried apricots                            and prunes

Available in both: 250g and 500g

Somerton Road


Bean: Arabica - Decaffeinated      


Process: Swiss Water

Origin: Cascadia blend - Peru, Honduras, Indonesia

and Ethiopia

Tasting Notes: Rich and balanced


Water Purified By Brita

A cup of coffee consists of approximately 98 per cent water. That’s a lot when you consider water significantly influences its taste. In addition to minerals, water may also contain other elements, such as limescale or chlorine – substances that can impair your coffee’s taste and even distort the distinctive aroma of high-class Arabica beans. It goes without saying that using fresh water is the best way to make coffee.

Ethically Sourced Coffee 

All of our green coffee is ethically sourced to see that farmers from these hard working communities in various wonderful countries all over the world benefit from the fruits of their labour. 

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